Shepreneur Lounge
Kaniyah Smith

Welcome to Shepreneur Lounge!

Kaniyah Smith

Welcome to Shepreneur Lounge!

The place where we teach boss babes how to attract their dream clientele and convert!

What is Shepreneur Lounge exactly?

Educate. Empower. Elevate.Welcome to Shepreneur Lounge, the exclusive mentoring and educational platform offered by PTG Design Studio LLC and partners. It is our mission to help our fellow women in business establish brands that attract their dream clientele and convert! In doing so, we are offering a 16-week program that will provide exclusive resources, courses, templates (using Photoshop), and more to give our she-eos the tools they need to thrive!

So how about it She-eo? Are you ready to build your legacy?

What to expect?

In the Lounge, our primary focus is helping YOU evolve and align with your inner she-eo. As a member of our exclusive community, I want you to take advantage of what our private space has to offer! 

Here are some of the great things you can expect here: 

  • Courses jammed packed with strategies to help you perfect your brand.
  • Interactive activities dedicated to helping you show up and show out for your brand.
  • Exclusive insights on strategies to help you attract your ideal audience.
  • Prime conversations dedicated to helping motivate and uplift you.
  • Networking events catered to our community.
  • Lives q&as dedicated to helping you get answers to your business needs!
  • Exclusive access to our interviews with our guest speakers.
  • Resources and workbooks created to helping you evolve mentally within your business.
  • And so much more!

What will you learn?

In the Lounge we will teach you how to

  • Manifest the brand you desire.
  • Work towards achieving the vision for your brand.
  • Evolve your mindset through exclusive techniques and workbooks.
  • Develop your ideal audience so you can know who to target when it comes to your brand.
  • Keep it classy and cordial within your brand! 
  • Generate awareness of your brand while using social media.
  • Put systems in place that can automate your business and save you time!
  • and so much more!
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